Medical Coding Services

With all of the concern about the ICD-10 coding effective date which is
quickly moving toward us,along with the lack of readiness, many health
care organizations are turning to outsourcing. Medical coding costs and
inefficiencies are already obstacles to revenue cycle efficiency. Introduce
the complexities of CDI 
and ICD-10 and you’ve got a potential coding
crisis on your hands.

Full or partial outsourcing of your medical coding solutions will remove the
problems caused by shortages of qualified staffing needs while also training 
your coders through the expertise 
of our certified AHIMA trainers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Coding Services to TBS

  • Preparation plan with dual coding to assist your staff for the movement to from ICD-9 to  ICD-10
  • Our Management Staff have AHIMA Training Certification and our coders experienced, AHIMA and/or AAPC credentialed coders
  • We are experienced in working with numerous systems and processes and will adapt to the priorities and procedures used by your organization
  • Security is a priority when working under contract with remote coding services which we take seriously with continuos monitoring
  • Large pool of certified coders to handle both short-term and long-term placements 
  • Mentoring program utilizing Certified AHIMA trainers that audit each entry level coder to always be adding additional certified coders that will fill the shortfall caused by ICD-10 regulations
  • Coding audit services, using experienced AHIMA-credentialed coding auditors, to provide your facility with a means of complying with OIG recommendations for at least an annual external coding review
  • Interim HIM management services to provide continuous leadership during staffing gaps
  • Reduced overall costs when you calculate all the variabes such as payroll taxes, fixed overhead, employee benefits, management and training plus more are all costs that need to be considered
  • Outsourcing coding allows healthcare professionals to concentrate on core business activities while eliminating the need to worry about coding duties and offers organizations the ability to focus on more important business activities, such as improving patient care and satisfaction

Options to Engage Contract Medical Coders

TBS has available to healthcare organizations a large pool of fully vetted and certified medical coders to handle either permenant or temporary needs while working remotely. Having this large pool of available contract coders on our extremly sophisticated Freelancer Management System provides our clients a few different ways to aquire professional coding services.

  • Option 1- Healthcare provider contracts with TBS to supply coding at an agreed upon hourly rate for coding services that meets their specific requirements. TBS then supplies, manages the work and compensates the coders directly and invoices the Provider for hours of completed work.

  • Option 2- Healthcare provider contracts with us to gain access to our pool of vetted coders. This enables them to procure a certain agreed upon number of hours to utilize the talent available in our medical coding pool. The client would then purchase an agreed upon number of coding hours at an agreed upon price. TBS would the supply and compensate the coders directly through the management system and you the client would manage them.

  • Option 3- Healthcare provider contracts with TBS to gain access to our pool of vetted coders so they can outsource to them directly. This gives them the ability to source the coders out of the TBS talent pool at the level of experience they desire. The provider would pay the coders directly and then be responsible to compensate TBS  at an hourly rate of an agreed upon percentage over what the coding professional is being paid.

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