Opportunity for Medical Coding Professionals!

The TBS Medical Billing Services provides a great opportunity for rmedical billing and coding professionals regardless of your level of experience. Many coders have passed the certification process but do not have the hours necessary to obtain the certification needed for the best paying assignments.We have instituted an in house mentoring program to help develop the needs for the ICD-10 certification going into effect in October of 2015.

Why is the TBS Program Such a Great Opportunity?

  • Our large pool of coders enables TBS to to contract with 
    healthcare organizations both large and small throughout
    the nation. This will ensure that the coders accepted into
    our program will have plenty of work available at all
    all over the nation.
  • We train and help entry level coders gain the experience
    needed through a unique mentoring and training program
    developed and run by certified AHIMA Trainers.
  • As a 1099 independent contractor coders accepted into
    the program are paid immediately upon approval and
    verification of work acceptance through our automated
    system. You will not have to wait for the healthcare
    organization to process your payment request.
  • Work assignments are provided to our coders based on
    experience and certification levels and offered through
    automated online platform.
  • Track your current work assignments, get notified in real
    time of new assignments offered as well as payment
    of outstanding funds all from our Web App on
    your smartphone.


Medical Coding Professionals

Learn more about our unique opportunity for medical billing specialists and certified coders. Click here to get the onboarding process started!

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